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                JIULONG Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong, Jiangsu Rudong nine total industrial zone, a half-hour drive to reach Nantong, 1.5 hours to reach Shanghai. South pillow Yangtze River, bounded by the Yellow Sea, 10 minutes to reach the international deep water port Yangkou Hong Kong has a unique geographical advantage and convenient traffic.
                The company has been lodged in good faith compliance with the concept of operations, quality, and has a set of perfect management system.久隆company covers an area of 8600 square meters, construction area of 12,000 square meters. More than 320 existing staff, 36 technical personnel, and high-speed computerized sewing machine 260, Pegasus five lines, four of the 26-ray machine. Keyhole imports have set dozens of debit machines, self-supporting. The production of various kinds in more than 100 million pieces of clothing, mainly to coat, down jacket, jacket-based, with annual sales of more than 8000 million. Products are mainly sold to Japan, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other international and domestic market. Integrity of the Company to operate the principle of mutual benefit is willing to work with domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate in good faith, seek win-win!
        JL-0016 JL-0015 JL-0014 JL-0013 JL-0004 JL-0019 JL-0025 JL-0026
        Company Name:南通久隆制衣有限公司
        Contact:Mr Liu
        Zip Code:226300
        E-mial:[email protected]
        版权所有:南通久隆制衣有限公司 技术支持:南通百度公司、南通网站建设请找13773747557 
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